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17180: 2021.04.06 - Drake20 Updates

Drake20 Update Notes

2021.04.06 - Drake20 Updates


Maine Update 18

  • Fiduciary Package:
    • A parse error on element "Sch2" has been resolved when there is no income distribution to the beneficiaries.
    • EF Message 0026 has been added to the program to prevent a parse error for element "TINOfBeneficiary" when "FOREIGNUS" is entered as the ID number on a federal K1 screen.
    • An update prevents a parse error for element "Percent" on Schedule 2, Allocation of Federal Income and Maine-Source Income, of Form 1041ME, Income Tax Return for Resident and Nonresident Estates and Trusts.

New York Update 24

  • S Corporation Package:
    • Estimated taxes on Form CT-3, General Business Corporation Franchise Tax Return, will now be printed correctly in the client result letter and in the Estimate Summary. Prior to this update, the estimated taxes were being calculated correctly but not being printed correctly.
    • NY does not allow a negative amount for rent on Forms NYC-3L or NYC-4S, General Corporation Tax Return, preventing the following parse error: The '' element is invalid - The value '-1247' is invalid according to its datatype '' - The MinInclusive constraint failed."
  • Estate Package:
    • Form ET-133, Application for Extension of Time to File, was expanded from one to two pages for 2020.
    • Form ET-706, New York State Estate Tax Return, and the exemption amount, were updated to 2020 specifications.
  • Tax-Exempt Package:
    • When a date is entered in the "Due date to print on letter and filing instructions" override field at the bottom of federal screen COMM, that date will be printed on the client results letter and the filing instructions.
  • Corporation and S Corporation Packages:
    • If one of the following fields is present on federal screen K1E (1120S package) or screen E (1120 package), then all of these fields must also be completed, preventing reject 07119, "Incomplete authorized person information. If one of the following fields is present, then all must be populated: AUTHOFCR_FRST_NAME, AUTHOFCR_LAST_NAME, AUTHOFCR_TTLE_DESC, TP_EMAIL_ADR, AUTH_PH_NMBR and AUTH_OFCR_SGN_DT": 
    • To prevent a parse error on Form NY C-300, lines 11-15 for the first installment and estimate now accept entry of only positive amounts on NY screen 3 (1120 package) and NY screen 103 (1120S package).

Pennsylvania Update 18

  • Individual, Corporation, S-Corporation, Partnership, and Fiduciary Packages:
    • A check box to suppress the PA Power of Attorney form from the return has been added to the bottom of PA screen POA.
  • Individual Package:
    • EF Message 400 has been added to the program to prevent a parse error for element "AcquireDateDesc" for Schedule D (PA-40D), Sale Exchange or Disposition of Property.
    • When no "Resident city" has been entered on federal screen 1, and the city is Pittsburgh, income and loss amounts from the following forms will now be used to calculate line 5, "Net profit," of the PA Local return (CLGS-32-1):
      • Schedule C (PA-40), Profit or Loss from Business or Profession
      • Schedule E (PA-40E), Rents and Royalty Income (Loss)
      • Schedule F (PA-40F), Farm Income and Expenses Schedule NRK-1, Nonresident Schedule of Shareholder/Partner/Beneficiary Pass-Through Income, Loss, and Credits
      • Schedule RK-1, Resident Schedule of Shareholder/Partner/Beneficiary Pass-Through income, Loss, and Credits.

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