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17266: 2021.05.28 Broadcast - DC Now Advises Amendments for Specific Returns

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2021.05.28 Broadcast - DC Now Advises Amendments for Specific Returns


DC Now Advises Amendments for Specific Returns

The DC Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) has provided additional guidance for taxpayers who filed a District return, which included unemployment compensation (UC), prior to the enactment of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The OTR is now advising taxpayers, who filed an original 2020 District tax return without reporting the unemployment compensation exclusion (UCE), to file an amended return with the OTR.

After ARPA was signed into law, Drake released DC Update 15 on 3.16.2021 in order to prevent e-filing of DC returns with UC while waiting on official guidance from the District regarding conformity. After DC announced its decision to conform with the UCE, Drake released DC Update 20 on 4.20.2021, which removed DC Message 0183 (Drake KB article 17199: 2021.04.20 - Drake20 Updates). DC returns with UC filed prior to DC Update 15 may need to be amended.

Tip: To generate a report showing returns that contain unemployment compensation, follow the instructions in this Drake Knowledge Base article 16991: 1099-G - Unemployment Compensation.

Source: OTR Tax Notice 2021-07 Federal Unemployment Compensation Exclusion Amended Returns

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