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17307: 2021.07.21 - Drake20 Updates

Drake20 Update Notes

2021.07.21 - Drake20 Updates


1041 Update 35

  • General program update.

1040 Update 52

  • Schedule A was updated to correct a printing error that would arise when both cash and non-cash charitable contributions subject to the 30% of AGI limit are entered and the Charitable Deduction limit worksheet is produced. This is a printing change only. No calculations are affected.

Louisiana Update 19

  • Individual Package 
    • Due to recent legislation, a direct-entry field for code "27E" was added to LA screen EH for income exemptions for state and federal Covid-19 relief benefits. The amount will now be present on both Form IT-540B, line 18, Nonresident and Part-Year Resident (NPR) Worksheet, and LA IT-540, Schedule E, line 4.

Nevada Update 2

  • All Packages:
    • The correct dates of the taxable year will now flow to Form TXR-030.1, Nevada Department of Taxation, Commerce Tax Return.

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