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17365: 2021.09.14 Broadcast - Filing Deadline, Training Opportunities Next Week & More

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2021.09.14 Broadcast - Filing Deadline, Training Opportunities Next Week & More


Filing Deadline, Training Opportunities Next Week & More

Drake Tax Customer,

October 15 Deadline

The October 15 deadline is around the corner. While those in recently-designated federally declared disasters areas have been granted additional time to file, other filers on extension must file by October 15. 

Software Training

The off-season is slowly slipping away and we want to make sure you have the training you need before tax season! Register for an upcoming interactive webcast by clicking the course below (once on the training page, click ‘webcasts’ under the Online Instructor-led Webcasts header):

Drake Tax Basics [4-Hour Webcast] – Monday Sept. 20, 1pm ET

Drake In-Depth: Self-Employment, Rentals and Assets for Individuals [4-Hour Webcast] –Thursday, September 23, 1pm ET

Administrative Duties in Drake [3-Hour Webcast] – Wednesday Sept 29, 1pm ET

Did You Know?

If you aren’t familiar with these features, click the link to watch a short video on how each works!
Using the DoubleCheck Feature 
How Do LinkBacks Work In Drake Tax? 
Entering a Group Sale in Drake Tax

Prepare For Another Tax(ing) season
We’ve had two very challenging tax seasons, and it looks like we’re in store for another due to several factors:

  • The country is still working its way out of the Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • Taxpayers will need help reporting and reconciling the third stimulus payment and the new advance child tax credit payments.
  • Covid-related tax law changes and impacts from last year will carry into this year, such as the Coronavirus-related retirement distributions, employee retention credits, PPP loan dollars, unemployment reporting, and expanded benefits of HSAs and FSAs, just to name a few.
  • A looming spending package with potentially significant tax implications is being debated in Washington.
  • Labor shortages continue to plague the IRS, as well as businesses large and small in many sectors of the economy.
  • Uncertainty about the stock market continues to drive up anxiety about retirement funds.
What can you do?  Get educated and prepared. Learn about 2021 tax law changes and related software updates when you attend one of our Update Schools either virtually, or in-person. For more details, go to our training page and click on ‘Update Schools’ under the Annual Update School header.


Drake Education Team

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