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17387: NJ - 1065 NJ Source Income Allocations

New Jersey

I'm working on a NJ-1065 that has activity both inside and outside of NJ. How do I allocate a specific amount of income to the NJ return?


Per the NJ-1065 instructions, lines 1-11 are from Federal Partnership Income and pull directly from the Federal 1065. The Form NJ-1065 does not allow for an entry in Column B, Amount from NJ Sources, for these lines.

If the partnership had activity both inside and outside of NJ, the NJ allocation begins on NJ-1065 Page 2, line 16b using an allocation percentage. If you are needing to allocate only a portion of the income to NJ, you will need to complete the NJ NRA screen. The NJ NR-A will be produced in view of the return showing the allocation percentage calculation and then flow through to NJ-1065 Page 2, line 16b. Column B will then calculate on the remaining lines as applicable. 

See the NJ-1065 Instructions page 8 and the NJ NR-A Instructions for further information.

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