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17401: 2021.10.13 - Drake20 Updates

Drake20 Update Notes

2021.10.13 - Drake20 Updates


990 Program Update 39

  • EF Message 0250 will no longer be generated. Refer to Return Note 088 for instructions on how to complete Part V of Schedule D (1041), if applicable.

Virginia Update 12 

  • Individual Package:
    • Fixed date conformity differences in federal and state treatment of Net Operating Losses have been corrected to prevent doubling of FDC additions on Married Filing Jointly returns.
    • The Virginia extended due date has been updated. Previously extended VA Individual Income Tax Returns must be filed no later than November 17, 2021, to be considered timely filed.
    • Override fields for the taxpayer and spouse have been provided on VA screen ITEM for use in a part-year return for Married Filing Separately Combined filers claiming itemized deductions, who wish 
        to change the standard allocation of total itemized deductions between spouses.

New Hampshire Update 11

  • An issue preventing an automatically generated NH BT-SUMMARY return from being selected for e-file has been resolved.

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