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17434: GruntWorx - Trades Summary


What is Trades Summary?  How do I submit a GruntWorx Trades Summary job?


Trades Summary is designed to help users automatically transform 1099-B summary information from Consolidated Brokerage statements into a standard Microsoft Excel file to import into any tax preparation software package.  Trades Summary can be added on to Organize or Populate jobs and is included with Populate LITE. 

GruntWorx Trades Summary extracts the Sales Price, Cost Basis and Wash Loss (if applicable) for each of the following:

  • Short Term Covered
  • Short Term Non-Covered
  • Long Term Covered
  • Long Term Non-Covered
  • Short Term Other
  • Long Term Other
  • Undetermined

 Only Consolidated Brokerage statements (Forms 1099-B) are supported for extraction.

There are several benefits to using GruntWorx Trades Summary, including:

  • Reduce 10s/100s/1000s of Trades into a single summary sheet.
  • Lower cost with fixed price per Brokerage.
  • Validated by GruntWorx when used with Organize or Populate.
  • Self-Validate when used with Populate LITE at no extra cost.
  • Reduce review time by only having summary information extracted.


Trades Summary is available at the low cost of $3.00/brokerage if adding to an Organize or Populate job, or at no extra cost with Populate LITE.

Submitting a Job

Steps for submitting a job through Drake Tax are as follows:

  1. Create submission
    • On the homepage of Drake Tax, click the GruntWorx icon.
    • On the Submit Jobs tab, select a client from the drop list.
    • Under Job Type > Non Validated, select Populate LITE; or
    • Make a selection under Job Type > Validated.
    • Under Trades, select Trades Summary ADD-ON (automatically included in Populate LITE).
    • Click the Add Files button and select the file(s) to be uploaded. 
    • Enter your email address to be notified by email of the job status.
    • Check the box Do not re-order pages (optional)
    • Click Submit.

  2. Select and Access Job

    • If you submitted as a Populate LITE job, follow steps 2-8 in GruntWorx - Populate LITE in Related Links below.
    • If you submitted with an Organize or Populate job, follow the steps below to download and import the completed job:
    • On the homepage of Drake Tax, click the GruntWorx icon.
    • On the Job Status tab, select the completed job and click the Download button.
    • Open the taxpayer's return in Data Entry.
    • Click Import > Form 8949/GruntWorx Trades
    • Verify the populated screen(s) for accuracy. 

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