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17497: DAS21 Update -

Drake Accounting 2021 Notes

Drake Accounting®: DAS21 Update -



  • Added an FAQ link to Forms W-2/W-2c Creation Screen.
  • Added an FAQ link to Forms 94x Creation Screen.
  • Added a blue validator to the Paid Preparers section of the Annual 94x Forms screen.
  • Updated the 2021 Federal and State Form W-2 e-filing specs. 
  • Updated the Federal and State specs for Forms 1099/1098 e-filing.


  • ​Updated to allow multiple copies of instructions to be printed on the 2-Up Form W-2.
  • Updated interface on e-Filings Form 1099/1098 creation screen. 
  • Updated to allow the e-File watermark to be suppressed on all pages of Annual Forms 94x via print options.
  • Made 1099/1098 e-filings interface similar to Forms 94x and W-2 transmission screens. 
  • Updated interface for Form W-2 e-filings screen > transmit file.
  • Updated the Forms 1099/1098 file name and location of e-File in the Create File/File Extension screen.
  • Updated Federal Forms W-2c to add the ability to quickly adjust state and locality entries.
  • Corrected 1099 upload issue.
  • Updated Client > Export to Tax (Tax 2021)


  • Added the ability to quickly adjust state and locality entries for Federal Forms W-2. 
  • Implemented one transaction corrections for Forms 1099/1098 e-filing. 



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