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17542: 8962 Marketplace Coverage and Premium Tax Credit - Reject F8962-070

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How do I resolve Reject F8962-070?


If IRS records indicate that the taxpayer, the taxpayer's spouse (if Married Filing Jointly), or taxpayer's dependent received an advance payment of the Premium Tax Credit through the Marketplace to pay monthly insurance premiums and no Form 8962 is included with the return, the return will be rejected. The taxpayer should provide the preparer with the Form 1095-A that he or she received from the Marketplace, or information on the payments made to and credit received from the Marketplace. Complete screens 95A and 8962, as applicable. 

If the taxpayer does not believe Form 8962 should be included in the return, options have been added to screen HC which will generate the necessary Affordable Care Act explanation statement automatically—check the appropriate box based on the taxpayer’s scenario in order to generate the appropriate statement. If neither option applies, follow the instructions at the bottom of the HC screen to create a custom explanation statement using screen SCH with type of attachment ACA. Once complete, you can recalculate and re-transmit the return




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