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When can I expect the banners to be removed from tax forms?


You may be seeing the text "TAXPAYER COPY ONLY - DO NOT MAIL THIS FORM" across the top of forms and/or a watermark printed diagonally across some forms that says "DO NOT FILE THIS PAPER FORM WITH THE __ DOR. THIS FORM IS ONLY ELIGIBLE FOR EF." This text only prevents paper-filing of the form on which it appears. Unless prevented by an EF message page, the forms can be e-filed. With the following possible exceptions, the banners will be removed from affected business forms on or before March 15, 2022.


  • Some pages of Form 1120-S K2/K3


  • The following Philadelphia forms are still in development:
    • PA 41 – Use Tax Worksheet
    • PHBRES – Philadelphia BIRT Estimate Vouchers
    • PHBREX – Philadelphia BIRT Extension Payment Voucher
    • PHBNTL – Business Income and Receipts Tax for No Tax Liability
    • PHBRSC – Philadelphia Schedule SC
    • PHL40V – Philadelphia Wage Tax Payment Coupon
    • PHNPES – Philadelphia Estimate Voucher for Net Profits Tax
    • PHNPEX – Philadelphia Net Profits Tax Extension
    • PHNPV – Philadelphia Net Profits Tax Payment Voucher
    • PHSTV – Philadelphia School Income Tax Payment Voucher
    • PHSTX – Philadelphia School Income Tax Extension Voucher


  • Louisiana partnership and fiduciary forms are still in development and cannot be e-filed at this time. While the federal returns are due on March 15, the LA due date is May 15, 2022. 


  • Some Maryland business forms are still in development. While the federal return is due on March 15, the MD due date is April 15, 2022.


  • Some California business forms are still in development. While the federal return is due on March 15, the CA due date is April 15, 2022.


  • The CT-1120X – Corporation Amendment is still in development. 


  • Some Massachusetts forms are still in development. The banner does not prevent e-file, only paper-filing. Generally, MA returns are now required to be e-filed per state guidelines.

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