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17627: NJ - Filing Certain Fiscal Year Corporate Returns Using Drake21 (Note 31)

New Jersey

I have a NJ fiscal year filer who would typically file their NJ fiscal year return with the federal 2020 return, but I see Note 31 instead of the NJ forms. How can I e-file the return? 


Note 31 states: 

Fiscal Year Dates have been entered that do NOT qualify for the current year forms. The new forms will not be RELEASED by the state until September or October. After that, the forms approval process must be followed. We will update the software as quickly as we possibly can after forms have been approved. 

This situation requires the fiscal year NJ return to be filed on updated 2021 forms with the federal 2020 return. Typically, the prior year software is updated with the current year forms to allow the 2020 software to be used, however, due to late release of forms and the number of changes, Drake20 has not been updated with the NJ 2021 forms at this time. To e-file the NJ return with the appropriate forms, do the following:

  1. In Drake20, print the completed Federal 2020 return to a PDF and save it somewhere easy for you to access (for example on your desktop). It must be named FEDTAXRETURN.PDF.
  2. In Drake21, re-enter the information needed for the fiscal year NJ return. 
    • Most information can be entered directly, or overridden, on the NJ data entry screens, however, some information may need to be entered on the applicable federal screen(s). 
    • Disregard the federal messages (0084 and 0193) about invalid dates.
    • Other EF message pages such as the ones about the PIN screen must be cleared to allow the NJ return to be e-filed. 
  3. Review the completed NJ 2021 return. 
  4. In view mode, click the Attach PDF icon. The federal 2021 return will be automatically attached, however, the 2020 return is required to be attached instead. Click on the Browse button and locate the PDF that was created in step 1. Select the PDF file of the federal 2020 return and click Open.


  1. On the EF screen, select to file the NJ return only. 
  2. e-File the return as usual and verify that it is accepted. 

Once accepted, make an archive copy of the filing by going to View mode > Documents > Archive client return. Name the archive something like "2021 NJ Fiscal Year." This will allow you to complete and file the federal 2021 return when needed. See Related Links below for details on archiving.

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