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17640: GA - House Bill 1302 - One-time Tax Credit Refund (Drake21)


Do Georgia taxpayers have to do anything to claim the refund detailed in GA House Bill 1302?


No, nothing needs to be done in Drake Tax to allow taxpayers to receive their additional Georgia refund. This refund is being issued directly from the GA DOR to taxpayers. It is not part of the tax return and not included in Drake Tax. Per the news release

"HB 1302 will provide for a one-time tax credit for taxpayers who filed income tax returns for both the 2020 and 2021 taxable years. Once a qualified taxpayer files an individual income tax return for tax year 2021, the Georgia Department of Revenue will automatically credit the taxpayer with a one-time refund amount:

  • Single, Married Filing Separate - $250.00
  • Head of Household - $375.00
  • Married Filing Joint - $500.00"

The two most common FAQs are shown below. See the GA DOR FAQ page for more information and other FAQs. 

"When will I receive this refund?
House Bill 1302 was signed into law by Governor Kemp on March 23, 2022, so some taxpayers may have already filed their 2021 returns.  The Department of Revenue will attempt to include the HB 1302 refund along with other refund amounts due.  For taxpayers whose 2021 returns have already been processed, the Department of Revenue will issue a separate refund.

I already filed my 2021 return and received my 2021 refund.  What do I need to do to claim the H.B. 1302 Refund?
Nothing.  The Department of Revenue will automatically update your account and will send the refund to your designated bank account or by check if you did not receive your most recent refund by direct deposit to a designated bank account."

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