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17679: 2022.04.19 Broadcast - Refile Certain MD Returns by April 22


2022.04.19 Broadcast - Refile Certain MD Returns by April 22, 2022


Drake Software Tax Season Update
Drake Maryland Preparers,

The Maryland Office of the Comptroller has received some MD returns submitted on forms that were not yet approved by the state. The returns were likely filed prior to the date when the Drake forms were approved.

Note: Prior to forms being approved, the software prints warning messages on the forms indicating they should not be filed.

The state is unable to process these returns mailed in on unapproved forms and is therefore asking that affected returns be refiled by April 22, 2022. Follow these steps to refile:

1. Open the return in the latest version of Drake Tax and reprint the return.

2. Write “Corrected 2021 Form 5XX* at the top of the form in such a way that it does not block, overlap, or compromise either the taxpayer’s information or the printed barcode.

* Write the actual form number; for example: Corrected 2021 Form 504.

3. Mail the return to:

Comptroller of Maryland
Revenue Administration Division

110 Carroll St.
Annapolis, Maryland 21411-0001

Please follow these steps if you believe unapproved forms were printed from Drake Tax by your office and mailed to the state.

As always, contact our support team if you have any questions.



Drake Software – State Development Team

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