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17688: 2022.04.23 Broadcast - VT Email Communications


2022.04.23 Broadcast - VT Email Communications


Drake Software Tax Season Update
Drake Vermont Filers,
Drake Software recently became aware that quarterly estimated direct debit tax payments for Tax Year 2022, sent electronically via the Vermont Form IN-114, Vermont Individual Estimate Tax Payment Voucher, were not transmitted successfully to the VT Department of Taxes. This issue is resolved and fixed with Vermont software update 16, released on April 23.

Action for ES debit payments sent prior to the update

After installing the update, take the following steps to resubmit previously-filed Tax Year 2022 estimated tax debit payments:

1. Open affected returns and update the Q1 Estimated Payment date on the ES screen.
2. Open screen EF in the return and select VT ES from the state override drop-down.
3. Calculate and view the return. Verify the estimates are included for e-file by viewing the EF Status page. 
4.  After verifying the return, go to EF > Select Returns for EF to select the return (w/ VT ES vouchers) for e-file; Then transmit the return.


This debit payment issue did not affect any Vermont estimated payments that were paper-filed.
Vermont estimated taxes may also be paid online directly with state at

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Please reach out to our support team (828-524-8020, if you have any questions.

Drake Software – State Development Team

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