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17724: 2022.05.19 - Drake21 Updates

Drake21 Update Notes

2022.05.19 - Drake21 Updates


Arkansas Update 28

  • Fiduciary Package:
    • When the beneficiaries' percentage from federal Schedule K-1 have been entered as decimal numbers, the correct amounts now flow from Form AR1002F, Arkansas Fiduciary Income Tax Return, to Schedule B, Income Distribution.
  • Partnership Package:
    • An amount entered on line 20a, "Arkansas W/H or Other Payments," on AR screen K1, will now be printed on line 20a of AR Schedule K-1, Partner's Share of Income.

Arizona Update 29

  • Partnership Package:
    • The partner will now be properly designated as (R) Resident, (N) Nonresident, or (O) Other, in column (g) on page 3, Schedule E, of Form 165, Arizona Partnership Income Tax Return.
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • Schedule K-1, NR Nonresident Share of Income and Fiduciary Adjustment, will now be created and filed with Form 141, Fiduciary Income Tax Return, when data is entered in the override fields for AZ screen C (Schedule C-Allocation).

Arizona Update 30

  • Individual Package:
    • The following codes have been added to Form 321, Credit for Contributions to Qualifying Charitable Organizations, for 2022, as per the Arizona DoR:
      • 20183 Cottonwood Lions Club Foundation
      • 22098 Educate the 48th, Inc
      • 22464 GoTEN Inc.
      • 22477 Lake Havasu City Meals on Wheels Inc.
      • 22274 Common Roots Acupuncture
      • 22422 John 1334 Ministries
      • 22478 Never Alone Inc.
      • 22172 Sun Devil Family Charities
      • 22358 Dames Charities Inc.

Florida Update 11

  • Corporation and S Corporation Packages:
    • The balance due from line 9 of Form F-1120A, Florida Corporate Short Form Income Tax Return, will now flow to the instructions.

Maryland Update 24

  • S Corporation and Partnership Packages:
    • Line 5, "Maryland apportionment factor," of Forms 510 and 511,  Maryland Pass-Through Entity Income Tax Return, Schedule A, "Computation of Apportionment Factor," is now being calculated, as expected.

New York Update 27

  • Fiduciary Package:
    • Subtraction adjustment code S-005, "Modifications of limitations on business interest," has been added to NY screen 558. When selected, this code will be generated on Form IT-558, New York State Adjustments Due to Decoupling from the IRC.
  • Partnership Package:
    • The New York Source Gross Income Worksheet (NYWK204L), will now be generated for all Form IT-204, Partnership Returns, when "Regular Partnership" is selected as the "Entity type" on line "A" of NY screen 2.
  • Individual Package:
    • The overpayment applied on the original return will no longer be generated on the NY instructions or in the federal client results letter when a balance due is present on Forms IT-201-X, Amended Resident Income Tax Return and IT-203-X, Amended Nonresident and Part-Year Resident Income Tax Return.
  • Individual Package:
    • Line A1 from worksheets NYWK_REF, Taxable State/Local Refund, and NYWK_A5, State/Local payments made after December 31, 2021, will now generate the net state and local refund amount when Forms IT-201-X, Amended Resident Income Tax Return and IT-203-X, Amended Nonresident and Part-Year Resident Income Tax Return, are present.

Wisconsin Update 12

  • Individual Package:
    • Line 48 of Schedule SB, Form 1 Subtractions from Income, now includes the name of the statement when there are more than three entries on WI screen WISB.
  • Individual, Fiduciary, and Partnership Packages:
    • Fourth-quarter estimated payments are now correctly displayed in Part III, line 17, column (d), of Schedule U, Underpayment of Estimated Tax.
    • The number of days is now being calculated correctly on Schedule U, Underpayment of Estimated Tax, Part III, column (a), line 26.

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