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17751: 2022.06.21 - Drake21 Updates

Drake21 Update Notes

2022.06.21 - Drake21 Updates


Delaware Update 14

  • Individual Package:
    • Form PIT-SCW, Delaware Schedule W Apportionment Worksheet, will not be transmitted with e-filed returns as intended.
    • Form 200-V, Electronic Filer Payment Voucher, will now reflect the correct balance due on amended returns.
  • Partnership Package:
    • Form 200C-ES, Declaration of Estimated Income Tax, is now available.
  • S Corporation Package:
    • The full EIN is now generated on Form 2001AC, Application and Computation Schedule for Claiming Delaware Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credits. Prior to this update, the last digit was truncated.
  • Individual, Corporation, S Corporation, and Partnership Packages:
    • Form 1100CR, Computation Schedule for Claiming Delaware Economic Development Credits and New Economy Jobs Program Credits, has been updated to the latest version.

Massachusetts Update 24

  • Corporation Package:
    • An update resolves reject "F355-185." Affected returns should be recalculated and retransmitted.

Minnesota Update 18

  • Individual Package
    • Calculation errors have been resolved between Schedule M1MTC, Alternative Minimum Tax Credit, and Schedule M1MT, Alternative Minimum Tax, resolving rejects "0667" and "0668."

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