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17759: 2022.06.28 - Drake21 Updates

Drake21 Update Notes

2022.06.28 - Drake21 Updates


Maine Update 29

  • Individual Package:
    • Form 1310ME, Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer, has been updated to the latest version. 
    • An update prevents reject "DRKPARSE" on element "CurrentCredit" when the spouse has two Educational Opportunity Tax Credit Worksheets.

North Dakota Update 23

  • Individual Package:
    • EF Message 0006 will now be generated only when there is more than one Schedule ND-1PG, Planned Gift Tax Credit, included with the return.

New Mexico Update 13

  • Individual Package:
    • The intended payment amount is now generated on NM Form PIT-ES, New Mexico Personal Income Estimated Tax Payment Voucher, when an NM extension has been previously filed.

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