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17791: Hosting on Right Networks - Change Default PDF Viewer

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Right Networks Hosting: How can I change my default PDF viewer in Right Networks?


You can change the default PDF viewer from Adobe Reader to PDF24 or FoxIt PhantomPDFTM Business (if purchased) within Right Networks by following the steps below. Note that this change must be made for each user.

  • On the Right Networks Remote Desktop, open Internet Explorer.  
    • If Internet Explorer is not available on your remote desktop, contact Drake Support at (828) 349-5556 for assistance with enabling the program for the user.
  • In Internet Explorer, select Tools and choose Internet Options.

  • Select the Programs tab and then click on Set Programs

Do NOT select Set Associations


  • Select Associate a file type or protocol with a program.


  • Scroll down to locate and select .pdf, then click on Change Program.

  • If your desired PDF viewer isn't listed, select More Apps. If the program isn't listed under More Apps, then scroll down and click on Look For Another App On This PC.

  • You may get a warning regarding permissions. If so, click OK
  • On the Windows File Explorer, select the PDF program (in this example, PDF24) and click Open.

  • Close the Set Associations window. From now on, PDFs opened within Right Networks for this user will use the selected PDF viewer.

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