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17799: NE - EF Message 0061 Payments


How do I clear Nebraska message 0061?


Message 0061 states:

Requested payment date must be between the current date and 12/31 of the current tax year. Update the Requested payment date in the PMT screen in the "State" section.

The resolution varies depending on the year of Drake Tax being used. 

Current Year Software

If this is a return for the current filing year, you must review the date entered on the PMT screen and ensure that it is accurate. The date cannot be before today's date or after 12/31/20YY where YY is the processing year. For example, in Drake21, the date must be between the current date and 12/31/2022. 


Prior-Year Software

Nebraska does not allow electronic payments to be made through software vendors for a prior-year filing. To pay the balance due, you can: 

  • Pay online through the NE DOR website, or
  • Mail a check with Form NE 1040V.

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