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17821: Specified Table Already Exists Error (DAS)

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Drake Accounting®: Why am I getting an error message that says “the specified table already exists”?  


The error message “the specified table already exists” indicates that Drake Accounting is trying to access a client file that is for a different year of Drake Accounting than the one that is open. For example it is trying to open a DAS21 file while working in DAS22. This may occur if:

  • you have accidentally copied a client file into the next year of DAS (instead of using the Update Prior Year process).
  • the current year data path has been set to look at the prior year client files.

For assistance with correcting this issue, you will need to either fix the data path or install a fresh version of Drake Accounting and properly update or import the correct client files.

Verify the data path by clicking the network icon on the Client Selector window: 

Please contact the DAS support line at (828) 349-5908 for more detailed assistance. 

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