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17834: 2022.09.14 - Drake21 Updates

Drake21 Update Notes

2022.09.14 - Drake21 Updates


Arizona Update 42

  • Individual Package:
    • Line 59, "Dependent Tax Credit," on Forms 140NR, Nonresident Personal Income Tax Return, and 140PY, Part-Year Resident Personal Income Tax Return, will now be calculated as expected when the ratio of AZ income to total income is less than 1%. This update applies to all filing statuses

Illinois Update 41

  • Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership, and Fiduciary Packages:
    • EF Message 0216 has been added to the program, preventing reject "ILHeader-10300-1."

Kentucky Update 32

  • Individual Package:
    • The intended estimated payment amount will now be printed on Form 740-ES, Individual Income Tax Estimated Tax Voucher.

Massachusetts Update 29

  • Corporation and S Corporation Packages:
    • The tax rate has been updated for line 10, "Applicable rate for the Alternate Simplified Method," of MA Schedule RC, Research Credit.

Wisconsin Update 15

  • Fiduciary Package:
    • Line 20, "Income distribution deduction," on WI Schedule NR, Computation of Wisconsin Taxable Income for Part-Year and Nonresident Estates and Trusts, will now be calculated as expected.

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