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Hosting on Right Networks: What are the steps I need to take to complete my onboarding?


Before getting started, we recommend that you read KB article 16833 for frequently asked questions and an overview of using Drake Software via Hosting on Right Networks. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Create full backups of your locally installed Drake Tax and Drake Accounting programs, as applicable. 
    • Drake Tax backup steps are available in KB 14307.
    • Drake Accounting backup steps are available in KB 15056.
  2. Set up your Account Owner login to the Right Networks AppHub by using the link from your Right Networks Welcome Email.  Detailed steps are available in KB 16828.
  3. Deploy the apps you want to use in Right Networks.
    • See KB 16801 for steps.
    • See KB 16833 for available years. 
  4. Download and run the setup wizard to configure your access to the Right Networks desktop.
    • If using a Windows computer, see KB 16800 for detailed steps.  
    • If using a Mac, see KB 16805 for detailed steps. 
  5. Log into the Right Networks Desktop using your newly installed remote desktop icon.  
  6. Activate each year of Drake Tax in the remote environment using your Drake account number and the year-specific serial number. These are available from the support site by going to:
  7. Transfer and restore local backups to the programs in Right Networks. See KB 16839 for details on this process.  

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