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17888: 2022.11.03 - Drake21 Updates

Drake21 Update Notes

2022.11.03 - Drake21 Updates


Federal Program Update 41

  • Individual, Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership, and Fiduciary Packages:
    • The intended amount is now generated for line 6(b), "Cost (business use only)," on the Depreciation and Amortization worksheet ("[ST]4562" in View/Print mode).
    • Form 8978 and Schedule A (Form 8978) will now be printed correctly when there are more than 28 adjustments for Schedule A.

990 Program Update 37

  • EF Message 0147 is no longer generated when line 32, "Did the organization sell, exchange, dispose of, or transfer more than 25% of its net assets," on screen 5 is "Yes," and data is present on Part II of Schedule N (Form 990).

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