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18073: 2023.03.16 - Drake22 Updates

Drake22 Update Notes

2023.03.16 - Drake22 Updates


Arkansas Update 19

  • Individual Package:
    • An update prevents reject "DRKPARSE" on element "DaysWithECPercentage."
  • S Corporation and Partnership Packages:
    • An update prevents reject "PET2022-0120." 
    • An update prevents rejects "PET2022-0118" and "PET2022-0117." 
    • An update prevents reject "PET2022-0119."

Connecticut Update 10

  • Individual Package:
    • Dates on CT screen 168K have been updated.
    • The pension percentage has been updated on line 48b/50b of CT screen 2.
    • EF Message 0070 is now produced when the total amount of contributions entered on CT screen CHET exceeds the total CT refund amount.

Florida Update 12

  • Partnership Package: 
    • An update prevents reject "000009."

Indiana Update 12

  • Fiduciary Package:
    • An update prevents reject "DRKPARSE" on element "COREntityAGIStateAmt" regarding IN Schedule Composite-COR.
  • Individual Package:
    • EF Message 1243 has been removed from the program. 
    • EF Message 1273 has been updated.

Louisiana Update 8

  • Partnership Package:
    • LA Form 565 has been approved for e-file.

Massachusetts Update 24

  • Individual Package: 
    • Line 1 of the "Line 53. 'Excess Paid Family and Medical Leave Contributions Worksheet,'" of Form 1-NR/PY, now includes all W-2 income with "MAPFML" withholding.
  • Fiduciary Package:
    • Line 19, "Long-term capital losses available for carryover in 2023," of Form 2, Schedule D, Capital Gains and Losses, will now be calculated as expected.
  • S Corporation, Partnership, and Fiduciary Packages:
    • Form M-2210 is now generated with 63D-ELT returns when the tax due is more than $400.

Maryland Update 13

  • Individual Package:
    • The MD State Earned Income Credit, State Poverty Level Credit & Refundable Earned Income Credit Worksheet (MD_EICWK) has been updated to the latest version.

Maine Update 15

  • Individual Package:
    • EF Message 4000 is now produced when a child care program name or certificate number is missing on ME screen CHLD.
    • Lines 1, 2, and 4 of Form 2210ME can no longer be negative, preventing reject "DRKPARSE" on elements "Tax" and "ProdTax."

Michigan Update 14

  • EF Message 0201 is no longer produced when a housing option is marked on line 57, "Special Housing," of MI Form MI-1040CR.

Missouri Update 16

  • Individual Package:
    • A separate Form MO-SHC is now produced for each taxpayer who qualifies for the Self-Employed Health Insurance Tax Credit.
    • EF Message 0102 has been removed for MO returns filed online.

New York Update 15

  • Partnership Package:
    • An update prevents reject "DRKPARSE" on element "ReturnState" when NY Form IT-370-PF is included in the return and e-file is suppressed for NY.
  • Tax-Exempt Package:
    • Per the NY Charities Bureau, all NY CHAR500-series forms must now be filed using the NY state website. As a result, all NY CHAR500-series forms and related screens have been removed from the program.
  • S Corporation Package:
    • The intended EF Status is now produced on the Calculation Results window for Form NYEXT.

Tennessee Update 6

  • Individual, Corporation, S Corporation, and Partnership Packages:
    • The TN "Requested payment date" entered on federal screen PMT now flows as expected to TN Form FAE 170, FAE 172, or FAE 173.
  • Individual Package: 
    • An update resolves reject "DRKPARSE" on element "ReturnState" regarding TN Form FAE 172.

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