990 - Preparer Signature and SSN/EIN

On Form 990, 990-PF or 990-EZ, how do I get the preparer's SSN/EIN to show up with the name and address?

In Drake10 and earlier software, the preparer SSN/PTIN and/or EIN do not appear on the preparer signature line in a 990, 990-EZ or 990-PF unless it is for a 4947(a)(1) organization filing the return in lieu of Form 1041.

Starting in Drake11, the PTIN is always displayed, but the EIN is still suppressed (and also the preparer's SSN if the preparer setup includes an SSN but not a PTIN).

If you are preparing such a non-exempt trust, the preparer information appears when the following conditions are met:

  1. you select the option Sec 4947 (a)(1) on screen 1; and
  2. you indicate that the organization is filing Form 990 (990-PF or 990_EZ) in lieu of Form 1041. The indication is made here:
    1. 990: screen 6 Part V Other IRS Filings, line 12a (you must page down for the second screen) - select Yes to Is the organization filing Form 990 in lieu of Form 1041?
    2. 990EZ: screen 23 Part V Other Information, line 43 - select the option Sec. 4947(a) nonexempt charitable trusts filing Form 990-EZ in lieu of Form 1041.
    3. 990PF: screen 57 Part VII-A Activities, line 15 - select the option Filing Form 990-PF in lieu of Form 1041.

Generally, the 990, 990-EZ and 990-PF are public documents available for review by anyone so requesting. For this reason, preparer identifying information is not provided in those returns. However, section 4947(a)(1) non-exempt trust returns are not subject to public inspection, so on such returns, preparer information is required.