Self-Employment Health Insurance Deduction

Where can I enter health insurance expense for a self-employed taxpayer? How is the deduction calculated? 
There are several options:
  • Screen C, in the field Family health coverage.
  • Screen 4, line 16 (line 29 in Drake18 and prior). This is an adjustment field. An entry here adjusts system calculations.
  • Screen SEHI, Line 1. This is an override field. An entry here may require an entry on Line 4 (net profit) for correct results.
  • For Long Term Care health insurance for a self-employed taxpayer, go to the SEHI screen and enter the amount on line 2, Qualified long-term care amount.

After the SEHI premiums have been entered into the return, go to the View mode. In view a worksheet titled Wks SEHID is produced and explains the calculation of the amount that appears on Form 1040, Schedule 1.

Note: ​If there is both a SEHI deduction on Schedule C or F and Marketplace insurance being reported on screen 95A see Related Links below for additional factors that may affect the calculation. 

For a demonstration, watch the video Self-Employed Health Insurance Deduction. See Publication 535 for additional information.