1040 - EF Message 5722 EIC Due Diligence - Income

How do I clear red message 5722 about the EIC Due Diligence - Income? 

EF Message 5722 occurs when:

  • the option is selected (Require applicable due diligence screens to be completed) in the Due Diligence (EIC) section on the Administrative Options tab at Setup > Options;
  • self-employed income is present on the return (such as Schedule C or Schedule E); and
  • the applicable DD1 > Income due diligence screen is not completed.

This is the text of the 5722 message:

EIC DUE DILIGENCE MISSING: There is self-employment income on this return but EIC due diligence "Income" questions has not been answered.

Go to screen DD1, "Income" tab, and answer all applicable questions. Any additional inquiries made by the preparer can be recorded on screen DD2.

If the EIC due diligence screens are not required, go to Setup > Options > Administrative Options, "Due Diligence" section, and clear the "Require applicable due diligence screens to be completed" check box.

If you do not have ADMIN rights, see your office administrator.

In addition to self-employed income, there are other EIC conditions that cause similar messages to appear:  Error 5720 Earned Income Credit Due Diligence – Qualifying Child (complete the DD1 > Child screen) and 5723 Earned Income Credit Due Diligence - Head of Household (complete the DD1 > Head of Household screen).

In Drake15 and prior, the Due Diligence screens were as follows:
  • EIC1 - EIC Due Diligence - Qualifying Child
  • EIC2 - EIC Due Diligence - Income
  • EIC3 - EIC Due Diligence - Head of Household