How to Set Up Employee Payroll (CWU)

CWU: How to Set Up Employee Payroll

To print live or after-the-fact employee payroll checks, you must first enter necessary payroll information.

  1. Set up your client for payroll.
    1. Complete Setup > Client Information.
    2. Complete Employees > Account & Payroll Information. The G/L Account Numbers tab must be completed if you are using the CWU bookkeeping module. There are no default accounts set: you must tell the software the accounts you want used for payroll. The State Rates/Limits must also be filled out in order for the SUTA reports to calculate properly.
    3. At Employees > Deductions & Benefits, enter all needed information.
  2. Set up your client’s employees for payroll. At Employees > Employee Setup, click New, enter an employee code, and complete information on all tabs. Do this for each employee.
  3. Direct Deposit. If you intend to direct deposit live employee payroll checks, see the CWU User’s Manual for help setting up: 2 Global Setup – Direct Deposit and Employee Payroll - Employee Setup. See Related Links below to locate a copy of the manual. 
  4. Paper checks. If you intend to print live employee payroll checks, you must set up the check format and printing preferences. See CWU User’s Manual for help on setting up checks: 2 Global Setup > MICR Check Set Up and Client Setup > Check Setup. See Related Links below to locate a copy of the manual. 

Note: To change an employee or contractor code after setup, go to:

  • Contractors > Change Contractor Code
  • Employees > Change Employee Code

Use the drop list to select the employee or contractor. Enter the new code and re-enter it for verification. When you are satisfied with the change, click Save

For a video overview of Employee Payroll in CWU, including setup, see CWU Employee Payroll.