Family Healthcare Coverage

Where do I enter family healthcare coverage?


An entry for family healthcare coverage can be made on the C or F screens, towards the bottom of the window. On the C screen, a link to the SEHI screen is available on that line for additional entries regarding the Self Employment Health Insurance (SEHI) deduction.

An amount typed in the Family health coverage field on screen C will not carry to line 16 of Schedule 1 (line 29 of Schedule 1 in Drake18, or line 29 of Form 1040 in Drake17 and prior) unless Schedule C shows a net profit.

An adjustment field is also available on screen 4 line 16 for the SEHI deduction. If there is a 1095-A on the return see the related article "Schedule C or F, Self-employed Health Insurance, and Screen 95A."

Note:  The SEHI screen also has a data entry point (line 11) for Medicare wages from an S corporation. If an insurance plan was established under an S corporation for a taxpayer who is at least a 2% shareholder, wages from that S corporation may need to be entered in this field. For more information see this IRS site: S Corporation Compensation and Medical Insurance Issues.

For more information see IRS Publication 535, Business Expenses.