Return Not Needed to Print a Scheduled Appointment Reminder Letter

Do I have to create a return before I print a Scheduled Appointment Reminder letter for a prospective client?

No, creating a return isn't necessary for printing an appointment letter.

You must first set up the client's appointment with an address in the Scheduler to print an appointment letter. An appointment letter is based on the address in a Scheduler appointment.

As long as the appointment with an address is in the Scheduler, you can generate an appointment letter with or without a current or last year return.

  • You can use a date range to set up the letter.
  • If a return exists, you can use the client's SSN to set up the letter.
  • If an email address is available, you can also send a reminder email.

To set up an appointment, on the Home window toolbar, click the Scheduler icon to open the Appointment Scheduler, and click the New Appt icon on the toolbar.

To generate the letter,

  1. On the Home window menu bar, select Tools > Letters > Letters and select Appointment - Reminder letter or email for this season's appointments.
  2. Click Next, and follow the steps in either 2. a. or 2. b. below.
    1. Use a date range to identify appointments. Regardless whether a return exists, you can use the appointment date to set up the letter.
      1. Click Next without entering an SSN.
      2. Set the date range in which the appointment falls, and select a preparer if desired.
      3. Click Next and the Appointment Selection dialog box appears with all selected clients displayed. Select or unselect clients from the displayed list and click Finish. The print dialog box appears. Proceed from there to print the letter.
    2. Use a client's SSN to identify appointments. This method of selection requires an existing current or last year return and lets you use the client's SSN to set up the letter. This method does not permit selection from a date range and therefore excludes clients without existing returns. Use the date range method above if the letters you want to print include clients without returns.
      1. Enter each client's SSN and click Add Client. When all the desired clients are added, click Next.
      2. The Appointment Selection dialog box appears with the first client listed.
      3. Click Finish. The print dialog box appears. Click Print.
      4. The Appointment Selection dialog box reappears with the next client. Each time you click Finish, the next client is displayed and this process continues until you have reviewed all clients, when the letters are printed.


  • If an appointment is not in the date range or if a client address is not entered in the Scheduler, the appointment is not displayed. Change the date range or check the appointment address fields.
  • If you update the client's address in the return, you must update it in the Scheduler appointment. The Scheduler does not automatically update when the return is changed.