Exporting Depreciation Listing to Spreadsheet

Can I export a depreciation listing to an Excel spreadsheet?

To export depreciation listings to a spreadsheet complete the following steps:
  1. From the Home window select Reports > Depreciation List.
  2. To select specific returns, enter the SSN or EIN of a return and click Select Client; repeat for additional returns and then click Next. To select specific return types (or all returns), skip Add Client, click Next and select the return types for which you want a report.

  3. At the prompt, click Print to print the listing now, or click Export to File to export to a spreadsheet.

  4. If you export, at the prompt note the path where file is saved. Select OK.

    In this example, the CSV file is named DEPRLIST.CSV and saved in the DrakeXX > Reports folder. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to it (Computer, My Computer, or press
    + E on your keyboard).

    Move the exported file to another location to work with it, such as your desktop, or open it and then save to another location.