Drake Zero - Logging in and Renewing or Purchasing Returns

How do I log in to my Drake Zero account? How do I purchase returns or renew for the current tax year? 


Information for Demo users and those purchasing Drake Zero for the first time can be found in Related Links below. Current or returning customers continue below. 

Logging In

Use the following URL, substituting your Drake account number for account number:


To login, enter your credentials. After logging in, be sure to add Drake Zero to your list of Favorites, or Bookmarks.

Note: Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser.

Once you are logged in to your home window of Drake Zero, select the applicable tax year in the drop list and click on the launch icon.


This will redirect you to the year-specific version of Drake Zero:

Use the Recent, Find, or Create buttons to filter the list of taxpayers displayed.

Click Exit (or Sign out in tax year 2018) to return to the Drake Zero hub where you can manage your account, review the redeemed return details, view the number of returns you have available for use, purchase more returns, or select a different tax year. 

Purchasing Returns

All return purchases are done through the multi-year hub. Purchased returns can be redeemed for use in any tax year. To see your PPR balance and purchase more returns, go to Setup > PPR Balance

The current balance of available returns shows. Click Purchase Returns to refill your PPR bank: 

You can purchase a single return, or blocks of returns as needed. Select your desired package type and click Continue

Complete your billing information to finalize your purchase.

Returns are non-refundable, but can be used for any year of Drake Zero. If you delete a return and then later need to recreate it, you will be charged for an additional return.

Renewing Drake Zero

If you used Drake Zero last year, simply purchase returns (or verify that you have an available balance) and then launch the current year of Drake Zero from the Home tab of your multi-year hub. There is no need to send in an order form or set up a new account. 

Tax years 2012 to current are available from the drop list. 

For information on updating Returns from a Prior Year, see Related Links below. 


For information on pricing, see the Web-based Solutions page on the support website.