Drake Quick Reference Guide

A Quick Reference Guide is supplied with Drake Tax Software.

Drake supplies a Quick Reference Guide that covers these subjects:

  • Email Hotkeys
  • Calculator Functions
  • Data Entry Hotkeys
  • Print Mode Hotkeys
  • Navigating Through Data Entry
  • Main Screen Hotkeys
  • Client Status Manager (CSM) Hotkeys
  • Frequently Used Codes
  • Search EF Database

You can download the Guide in PDF for use as a reference tool:

  1. Log in to Support.DrakeSoftware.com.
  2. From the left side menu, select Support > Documents > Manuals.
  3. Select the applicable tax year from the drop list and then choose Quick Reference Guide.

The Drake 2019 Desk Reference Guide contains other information about the IRS and 2019 filing season that may be helpful.