Reports that Capture Non-Returning Client Data

How can I generate a report showing which clients have not returned this year?

The Report Manager has a report that can capture this information – the Non-Returning Clients report will generate a list of clients who have not yet been updated from the prior year software. Under the Reports menu, open the Report Manager, and expand the Client Reports category. Expand the sub category Status and Tracking, and select the Non-Returning Clients report. Click View Report

If you have already updated all clients from your prior year software in a batch, you will need to run a different report to capture this information (for more information on the batch update feature, see Related Links below). In the same Status and Tracking sub category that the Non-Returning Clients report was found, there is a report that captures clients who were Updated but not Calculated. As long as returns belonging to non-returning clients have not been calculated, this report can provide very useful data.