WI - EF Message 0041

How would I clear Wisconsin Red Message 0041 on an Individual return?

EF Message 0041: 

WI Form 1NPR - Line 40

In general, a Wisconsin return is not required if the taxpayer is a nonresident or part-year resident of Wisconsin and gross income is less than $2,000. To review exceptions to this rule and to force/suppress the tax calculation on this return, please go to WI screen NPR and see the field at the bottom called "Force/suppress the tax calculation." The help text for this field contains the exceptions from the Wisconsin form 1NPR instructions. 

WI Screens DEMO and NPR have info links to assist in making a due diligence determination as to whether a WI return is required.

To clear this EF Message you must first determine if the tax return is required to be filed. Assistance in determining this can be accessed by going to the 1NPR instructions and reviewing the "Who Must File" section.

Once you have determined if this return must be filed, return to the NPR Screen. You can make entries on this screen in lines 1-30 as applicable, or select from the Force/suppress the tax calculation dropdown near the bottom of the screen to force, or suppress the tax calculation.