1065 - Appointed Representative (Tax Matters Partner)

Where would I enter/indicate the Tax Matters Partner or Representative?


Due to changes in IRS Audit Rules, beginning in Drake 17, partnerships must appoint a Partnership Representative (replaces the Tax Matters Partner). Unlike the Tax Matters Partner, the Partnership Representative does not have to be a partner in the partnership. 
With this change, the software will no longer select a Tax Matters Partner if one has not been indicated on either the K1, or B screen. If a Tax Matters Partner has not been selected, the software will produce EF message 0933. If more than one Tax Matters Partner has been selected, EF message 0245 will be produced. If either of these messages are produced, you will not be able to e-file until they are cleared. 

The Partnership Representative can be selected in Data Entry on the particular partner's Schedule K1 screen, in the top left corner under the Other Information section by checking the PTR REP box (TMP/REP in Drake17).


If the Partnership Representative is not a partner, you will need to go to the B screen and enter their information in the Designation of Partnership Representative (Tax Matters Partner/Partnership Representative in Drake17 and prior) section. These fields are marked as overrides, however, they only override information if there is a representative indicated on the K1 Screen.

The Partnership Representative Form is shown on Schedule B at the bottom of Form 1065, page 3. and can be different from the person who signs the return.