1040 - 529 Plan Deductions

What is a 529 plan, and where can I enter that in Drake Tax?

A 529 plan is a program operated by a state or educational institution with tax advantages, as well as other incentives for the taxpayer. The purpose of these programs is to allow the taxpayer to begin saving for college, or other post-secondary training for a designated beneficiary, such as a child or grandchild.

As of 2018, the federal rule will extend to include up to $10,000 in annual expenses for tuition in connection with enrollment or attendance at an elementary or secondary public, private, or religious school. Some states may not extend their 529 rules to include this change.

529 contributions made during a year are not deductible on the federal return, however, most states allow for a deduction up to a certain limit set by the State DOR. In most cases, contributions over the state deduction limit may be carried forward for deduction in future year’s tax returns until used (limits may apply).

For more information, see the IRS 529 Q&A.

Note: The states of  Alaska, California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, Washington, and Wyoming do not allow a deduction for a 529 plan contribution.

States allowing 529 deduction:

State Plan Name     Maximum Deduction  Data Entry Helpful Links

Alabama 529

$5,000 Single/MFS, $10,000 MFJ

Resident: AL General Tab > Screen 2 >  Part 2 > Line 8

Nonresident: AL General Tab > Screen 4 > Part 2 > Line 5

AL 529 FAQ


AR 529 Gift Plan

$5,000 Single/MFS, $10,000 MFJ 

AR General Tab > Screen ADJ > Line 2

AR Treasury


AZ 529 

$2,000 Single/MFS, $4,000 MFJ

AZ General Tab > Screen 2 > Line 35 (res)/42 (PY) (34(Res)/41(PY) in Drake17 and prior)



Tuition Program

No Limit 

CO General Tab > Screen 2 > Line 6

CO FYI Income 44 



$5,000 Single/MFS, $10,000 MFJ

CT General Tab > Screen 2 > Line 48(RES)/50(NRPY) 

C.H.E.T Info 

About C.H.E.T.

Washington DC

DC College Savings Plan

$4,000 Single/MFS, $8,000 MFJ

DC General Tab > Screen I > Calculation B > Line 6

DC College Savings Plan


GA Higher Education Plan

$2,000 Single/MFS, $4,000 MFJ

GA General Tab > Screen 3 > Line 9 

GA 529 College Savings

Path2College 529 Info


College Savings Iowa, Iowa 529

Tax Year 16 and Prior: $3188 per Taxpayer (Primary and/or Spouse) for each beneficiary (student) account.

Tax Year 17: $3239 per Taxpayer (Primary and/or Spouse) for each beneficiary (student) account.

Tax Year 18: $3319 per Taxpayer (Primary and/or Spouse) for each beneficiary (student) account.

IA General Tab > Screen LN24 > Line G

College Savings Iowa



IDeal - 529 College Savings Plan

$4,000 Single/MFS, $8,000 MFJ

ID General Tab > Screen 5 > Line 14 (Res)/9 (NR)

IDeal - 529 College Savings Plan


Bright Star, College Illinois, Bright Direction

$10,000 Single/MFS, $20,000 MFJ  

IL General Tab > Screen M2 > Line 13a, 13b, 13c (12a, 12b, 12c in prior years) as applicable. 

Illinois College Savings


College Choice 529 Direct Savings Plan 

This credit is limited to the lower 20% of contributions, or $1,000 on the tax liability of the taxpayer.  

IN Credits Tab > Screen CC40 >  Enter the College Code, Date of Contribution, and Amount Given for each contribution.

College Choice 529 Investment Plan

Indiana Education Savings Authority


Learning Quest, Learning Quest Advisor, Schawb 529 Plan 

$3,000 Single/MFS, $6,000 MFJ 

Drake 16 and prior:
KS General Tab > Screen A > Line A21

Withdrawals: KS General Tab > Screen A > Line A13 

Drake 17 and forward:
KS General Tab > Screen A > Line A13

Withdrawals: KS General Tab > Screen A > Line A5

Kansas Postsecondary Education Savings Program


START Saving Program 

$2,400 Single/MFS, $4,800 MFJ 

LA General Tab > EH Screen > Line 24 (line 23 in Drake17 and prior)

START Saving Program 

Saving Program FAQ  



$1,000 Single/MFS, $2,000 MFJ 

MA General Tab > XY Screen > Line 18




Maryland Prepaid College Trust, Maryland College Investment Plan

$2500 Per Account Per Year. Excess payments can be rolled over into the next year until they are used.

MD General Tab > SUB Screen > Line XA, XB, and XC depending on the account type. 

MD 529

Advantages & Benefits 



$5,000 Single/MFS, $10,000 MFJ 

MI General Tab > Screen 2 > Line 17

Michigan 529 Advisor Plan 



Minnesota 529 

$1,500 Single/MFS, $3,000 MFJ

MN Other Tab > Screen 529 > enter Trustee, Account Number, and Amount

Tax and Credit Deduction

Saving for College - 529 Plans



$8,000 Single/MFS, $16,000 MFJ

MO General Tab > Screen A > Line 11 

About MOST

529 Plan FAQ



$10,000 Single/MFS, $20,000 MFJ

MS General Tab > Screen DED > Line 55/56 or 56/57 depending on the account type. 




Montana 529 

$3,000 Single/MFS, $6,000 MFJ 

MT General Tab > Screen SCH2 > Line 17 (line 20 in Drake17 and prior)

Montana 529 FAQ

North Dakota

College SAVE

$5,000 Single/MFS, $10,000 MFJ 

ND General Tab > Screen ND1 > Line 14 

Bank of ND

College SAVE Tax Benefits


NEST 529

$5,000 Single/MFS, $10,000 MFJ

**This deduction only applies to contributions from parents who are the account owner/s, or contributions made by the beneficiary.

NE Income Tab > Screen SCH1 > Line 16 or 17 (line 17 or 20 in Drake17 and prior) depending on the account type.

NEST 529 Tax Benefits 

New Mexico

New Mexico 529 

You can deduction the entirety of your contributions from your New Mexico income, however, the total deduction cannot exceed the cost of attendance at the applicable eligible higher education instutition determined by the board.

NM General Tab > Screen ADJ > Line 14

NM Tax Benefits for College Savings

New York

New York 529 

$5,000 Single/MFS, $10,000 MFJ 

NY General Tab > Screen 6 > Line 10

Beginning in Drake 17 you can also have an amount from your refund directly deposited into this 529 account by going to the Federal DD Screen > Selecting the link at the bottom of the page that states NY College 529 Plans > Entering all applicable details.

NY College 529 Program

NY Saves


Ohio College Advantage 529 Savings Plan

Contributions, including rollover contributions, to an Ohio 529 plan are deductible up to $2,000 per beneficiary (regardless of filing status). There is also an unlimited carryforward of excess contributions. 

OH General Tab > Screen 529 >  Enter details as applicable.

You can also have an amount from your refund directly deposited into this 529 account by going to the Federal DD Screen > Selecting the Link at the bottom of the page that states Ohio College 529 Plans > Entering all applicable details.

Ohio Virtual Tax Academy

Ohio Saving for College 529 Plan


OCSP - Oklahoma 529 College Savings Plan 

$10,000 Single/MFS, $20,000 MFJ 

OK General Tab > Screen 4 > Line 4 

OK 529 Plan FAQ


Oregon ABLE Savings Plan

$2,330 Single/MFS, $4,660 MFJ 

OR General Tab > Screen SUB > Line 324 

Oregon 529 Savings Network

Oregon 529 FAQ


PA 529 College Savings Program 

$14,000 Single/MFS, $28,000 MFJ 

PA General Tab > Screen O > Enter details of each contribution into PART I

PA 529 FAQ

Rhode Island


$500 Single/MFS, $1,000 MFJ

RI General Tab > Screen M > Line 2 > Recapture of Tuition Savings Program modifications

RI Office of the General Treasurer

RI CollegeBound Saver 

South Carolina


You can deduct the entire amount contributed thoughout the year. 

SC General Tab > Screen 2 > Line k/38

Future Scholar

Future Scholar FAQ



(Formerly Utah Educational Savings Plan - UESP)

For Tax year 2017 a Utah Individual taxpayer (or trust) who is a UESP account owner may claim a 5% Utah state income tax credit up to certain limits on contributions to his/her account or accounts. Utah based corporations may claim a state income tax deduction up to certain limits. The maximum credit and deduction are reviewed each year and may be changed. For further information and qualifications see the table located in the UESP Information link.

UT General Tab > Screen 2 > Line 54


My529 Information


Virginia 529 

Taxpayers may deduction up to $4,000 per account, per year, with unlimited carryforward of excess contributions.

VA General Tab > Screen CSPD > Enter the contributions made to each account as applicable.




VHEIP - Vermont Higher Education Investment Plan

$2,500 Single/MFS, $5,000 MFJ

**MFJ return may also qualify for a 10% credit (up to $250).

VT Credits Tab > Screen HEC > Enter amounts as applicable.

VT Higher Education Investment Plan

Benefits and Advantages 


WI 529 College Savings Program

$3,140 per beneficary, regardless of filing status.

WI General Tab > Screen CS > Complete Part 1 Section A with all applicable details.

WI 529 College Savings Program

West Virginia


Taxpayers can deduct up to 100% of their WV income. Any excess contributions will carry forward for up to 5 years.

WV General Tab > Screen M > Line 42 (line 47 in Drake17 and prior) 

SMART529 General Information