ME - Quarterly Reporting of Income Tax Withholding (DAS)

Drake Accounting®: How do I create and file the Maine 941ME? 


For filing to the Maine Revenue Services, DAS produces:

  • A PDF copy of Form 941ME, Employer's Return of Maine Income Tax Withholding.
  • A .txt file for e-file.

Note: MRS Rule 104 generally requires all employers and non-wage payers registered for Maine income tax withholding to electronically file Maine quarterly tax returns and annual reconciliation of Maine income tax withholding. Waivers are available if the requirement causes undue hardship.

See Related Links below for required setup information before creating the state wage report.

To prepare the 941ME:

  • Select the Employees menu, then select State Tax & Wage Forms.
  • Make sure ME is selected, then select 941ME from the Forms droplist.
  • Select the applicable quarter.
  • Review the form and make any necessary entries or edits.
  • Make sure the e-File checkbox is marked (if e-filing), then select Save/Print.


Save/Print creates a PDF of the form that can be printed and paper-filed (if the employer was granted a hardship waiver).  If e-File was marked, a .txt file for upload to the Maine Employers Electronic Tax Reporting System (MEETRS) is also created.

To e-file:

  • Log in to the MEETRS website. 
  • Follow the menu options to upload the wage file.
  • The file for upload can be found by browsing to the drive where DAS is installed > DrakeAccounting20YY > Clients > client code > EFile > ME > ME941MESCH1SCH2 and selecting the file named ME941MESCH1SCH2_YYYY-MM-DD_HR_MIN_SEC.txt (where YYYY-MM-DD_HR_MIN_SEC is the date and time of file creation).

For more information on Form 941ME, see the 941ME Instructions.