PA - Federal Schedule A to PA Schedule UE

How do I get employee expenses to carry from the federal Schedule A to the PA Schedule UE?


Specific entries carry automatically to the PA Schedule UE Section I, lines 1 through 4 from the Federal Schedule A screen’s employee expense entries, centralizing the necessary data entry and often times minimizing the necessary data entry. 

The following entries, made on the Federal Schedule A Unreimbursed Employee Expenses fields will carry automatically to Section I of the PA Schedule UE. 

Description Carries to PA UE, Part I, Line
Union Dues 1
Work Clothes 2
Uniforms 2
Small Tools 3
Tools 3
Supplies 3
Professional License Fees 4
License Fees 4
Insurance 4
Malpractice Insurance 4
Fidelity Bond Premiums 4

Other descriptions made on the Federal Schedule A will be carried to Section III as a “Miscellaneous Expenses.” Use the overrides provided on the PA schedule UE screen to make any necessary adjustments.