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10336: Drake Forums - Registration, Activation, and Settings

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How do I register to use the Drake Forums? What settings are available? 


To use the Drake Forums, you must register and activate your account. When you register, you select your Forum user name and password, set up your basic profile, and receive an email that tells you how to complete activation. When you activate your account, you enable your login by both:

  1. Submitting your forums account for activation
  2. Sending us an email to confirm your identity as a Drake Software user.

The Drake Forums are available to Drake customers who have purchased the full or the PPR tax software. Forum availability ends when the filing season ends, about the time the next year's software is shipped or made available for download, after which previous year customers must renew to access the Forums. Demo users cannot establish a forum account.


To register, log in to Drake Support with your user account credentials. Go to Support > Drake Forums. Click Sign Up. The login screen opens (you cannot log in at this point).

  1. The Registration screen opens.

    1. Enter the following:
      • User Name that you want to use (should not be your EFIN)
      • a forum Password of your choice and confirm it with a second entry (case sensitive)
      • a valid Email Address and confirm it with a second entry. Forum Administration uses this address to communicate with you about your Forums account, including the registration and activation process. Be sure to check it frequently.
    2. Complete the Verification security entry.
    3. Review and indicate "I have read and agreed to the site's terms and rules." and "I agree to the Privacy Policy and to the use of cookies described therein.  I acknowledge that this forum may be hosted outside my country and I consent to the collection, storage and processing of my data in the country where this forum is hosted."
    4. When satisfied with your entries, click Complete Signup.
  2. Once you have successfully registered, you will see the following window:

You have now registered your Forums account. You next must activate your account so that you can log in.


An email is sent to the address shown in the Registration window with further information on completing your registration.  

You must send an activation email to Forum Administration as a second step in order to have your account activated.  You will not be able to access the forums until the account is activated by a forums administrator. 

NOTE: If you do not receive the email, please email Forum Administration at and request assistance.​

Profile and Settings

After you log in, profile and account settings can be found by clicking on your username at the top right and selecting My Profile or User Settings.

  • From the My Profile page, you can also change your avatar (the profile picture) that shows when you create or comment on a post. Options include browsing to an image that is located on your hard drive, copying and pasting the URL of an image, or using the default profile picture.
  • From the User Settings section you can edit the information that displays on your posts or select to make certain items private. You can also set up when you want to be notified of certain posts or subscriptions on the forum. 

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