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10983: Installing Drake Tax

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How do I install Drake Tax? 

Current Drake customers can download and install the current and prior year federal and state software at no additional charge through the Drake Download Center. At the Download Center, federal and state programs are available from 2002 to present. Archival CDs are available each year from 2002 to present for $25 per disk (plus any applicable sales tax). Drake recommends that you install Drake Tax from the Downloads section to ensure that you are installing the most up to date version of the program. If you purchased the optional CD service, you can also install the software by using that CD.

Before you start:

  • Have your account number and serial number available.
  • If you have already installed the preseason release, verify that Auto Updates has been disabled by going to Tools > Update Manager. If it is turned on, click Auto Update Settings and at the right click Off. Click Exit.
  • Verify that any auto backups (Tools > File Maintenance > Backup) are turned off.
  • Be aware that other auto updating programs may also interfere with installation.
  • Review "Drake Tax Security Information" for information about changes to the software login procedure starting in Drake16. 

Account and Serial Numbers

If you are installing Drake02- Drake11 from the Downloads section online at the Drake Support website, a serial number is not required.

Note: After installation for Drake07 only, you will need to enter the serial number on the Preparer Login screen before entering the software for the first time. If you do not have a 2007 serial number, please contact Drake Support for assistance.

If you are installing Drake12, an account specific serial number is required. If you do not have this serial number, please contact the Accounting Department at (828) 349-5900.

If you are installing Drake13 and future, an account specific serial number is required. These serial numbers may be found on the Drake Support website. Log in using your user account credentials. On the left, choose Account > Serial Numbers.

If you install from a CD, a serial number is required for all prior years. If you require a serial number that is not listed, contact the Accounting Department at (828) 349-5900 for further assistance.

Installing from the Internet

Log in at (or from the main page of the software, click the Support button at the top of the screen to log in). From the main Drake Support page, choose Downloads > Drake TaxFrom the tax year drop list, select the tax year that you want to download. Click the Download button.

During the download, respond to any security warning so as to continue the download. If offered the choice between running and saving the file, select Run to install the software, or select Save to save the downloaded file for later installation. If you save the file, save it to a location that you can later find, such as your Documents folder. Check your downloads folder for the executable if the file does not begin to run automatically. 

When you select Run (or later open the downloaded file) to install the software, a popup appears. Select Yes to begin installation.

The file is extracted.

Select the drive to which you are installing (usually your main hard drive C:). Choose any state programs that you would like to install (optional). Click Next

Confirm the location to which you are installing. Images may vary depending on the year that you are installing. 

When installation is complete, click OK.

An icon to open the software is on your desktop. Additional icons may appear for the Drake DDM or the Drake Scheduler depending on the year of Drake that you are installing. 

Installing from a CD

If you requested a CD and prefer to install the software from it rather than from the Download Center on the Drake Support website, begin the installation process by inserting the CD into your disk drive.

  1. From My Computer, Computer, or File Explorer, navigate to the drive that holds the Drake installation CD (usually D:/).

  1. Double-click the Drake installation CD. If the disk auto-runs, the installation screen appears automatically.
  2. If the installation screen does not appear and the disk files are displayed instead, scroll down and double-click the application file DrakeYY.exe (or DrakeYY if the file extension is not displayed).
  3. On the installation screen, click the icon for Drake Tax Software.
  4. On the next window, select:
    1. The Drake Tax Software location to which you would like to install the program,
    2. To Install Test Returns (optional in prior years),
    3. Any states that you would like to install (states are not available in the preseason release),
    4. Click Next

  5.  To proceed, 
    1. Check the box to accept the License Agreement, 
    2. Select the Licensed Version radio button, 
    3. Enter your Account Number and Serial Number
    4. Choose whether to Update the Admin account from the prior year and select which drive Drake was installed on in the prior year. 
    5. Click Next.

  1. Confirm your installation options (or click Back to make changes). Click Install to proceed.

  1. Installation begins and a progress bar is displayed. When the installation is finished, a popup will indicate that "Installation is complete." Click OK to close out of the popup, and then press Finished. You can exit out of the Software Installation screen if you are done installing programs from the CD. 

  1. To open the software, double-click the program icon on your desktop. Shortcuts for Drake Scheduler and Drake Documents are also created with the installation.

Note: If you cannot locate your desktop icon, to recreate it see "Lost Desktop Icons for Drake Software" in Related Links below.

If you have problems or questions while installing the software, please contact Drake Support at (828) 524-8020.

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