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How can I order TheTaxBook Series?

Drake Software customers receive discounts on TheTaxBook and TheTaxBook WebLibrary. TheTaxBook WebLibrary Plus is available for $219 for the first user, and $129 for each additional user. Additional quantity discounts are available; see the order form or website for details.

There are several ways to order and receive the discounted rates: 

  1. Indicate the option for Integrated Tax Research - TheTaxBook WebLibrary Plus (first user) when purchasing or renewing your Drake Software either online or via mail/fax.
  2. ​Complete your order online via
    • The Drake Promo code is 799.
  3. Call TheTaxBook at (866) 919-5277 to order or add users/additional features.
  4. Mail your completed order form to TheTaxBook; see Attachments below.
Beginning with Drake20, you will be able to click the TTB icon within the software to access tax research at TheTaxBook. The link will take you to relevant information for the form or schedule in which you are working. 


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