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13726: Drake Hosted - Installing the Citrix Workspace App (Windows)

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Drake Hosted: How do I install the Citrix Workspace app to access Drake Hosted on a Windows OS?


The Citrix Workspace app (previously Citrix Receiver) is the gateway to the Drake Hosted environment and must be installed on each computer that will be accessing Drake Hosted. The following article refers to the process on a Windows operating system. See Related Links below for the steps on a Mac. 

After you install the Citrix Workspace app, Drake recommends that you use your Start Menu or tray icon to open it.
Note: Drake Support may not be able to troubleshoot all compatibility issues between Citrix and web browsers.

Important Installation Notes

  • Check to see if you already have a Citrix Workspace app by going to Control Panel > Uninstall (or Add/Remove) Programs. If you have Citrix installed and are actively using it to access another service, contact Drake Hosted Support (, (828) 524-8020, before proceeding with the installation. If you no longer use Citrix to access another service, uninstall the Workspace app, reboot your computer, and then proceed with our installation instructions below.
  • Complete the installation on each computer you plan to use.
  • Have your Station Username and Password available. You will need it during installation. You can locate this information in the Drake Hosted Account Manager. To access the Account Manager, see “Signing in to the Account Management Portal (AMP)” on page 11 of the Drake Hosted User Guide.

To install the Citrix Workspace app (previously called Citrix Receiver)

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Workspace app for Windows > Workspace app for Windows > Citrix Workspace app 1911 for Windows
  3. After the page refreshes, click Download Citrix Workspace app for Windows.
  4. Open or save the file and then access the Downloads through your browser if it does not run automatically.
  5. Select the CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe from Downloads and click to Run.
  6. Click Start on the Welcome to Citrix Workspace screen.
  7. Accept the license agreement and click Install.
  8. Do not check to Enable Single Sign-on (it is not applicable to Drake Hosted). Click Install
  9. Please wait while the Workspace is initialized and installed.
  10. When installation is complete, click Add Account.
  11. Enter this server address:, and click Add.
  12. Enter your Station username (Acct #.Acct #.Station#) and password, and click Log On.

At this point, you are logged in to Drake Hosted and can open the displayed Drake applications. Use the plus sign on the left hand side to add hidden icons to your Citrix Workspace. Your login remains active if you have been active on the site within the last 12 hours (web timeout), even if you close the Drake Hosted window.

After the Drake Hosted window is closed, you can open it from Citrix Workspace app in your Start Menu programs list, or by double-clicking the Citrix icon in your system tray. If a login is required, a Log On link is displayed at the top of the Drake Hosted window. You can also log in separately from the Citrix tray icon (right-click and select Log On).

You log out

  • when you log out manually, on the Drake Hosted window (from the drop list at the top of the window) or from the Citrix tray icon (right-click and select Log Out)
  • when you exit Citrix from your system tray (right-click the tray icon and select Exit)
  • or when you restart your workstation.

In the event your workstation loses internet connection, a running application is resumed if you are able to reconnect within 10 to 15 minutes.

Note: there is a software update that occurs daily at 4 am EST which logs out all Drake Hosted users.


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