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14299: Security Measures and User Accounts on Drake Websites

Setup Generally

What are the requirements for passwords and other security measures on Drake websites? 

In an effort to increase security, limit unauthorized access to secure information, and meet IRS security standards, Drake is implementing several important changes with regard to secure logins on Drake Software websites and within Drake Tax. For more information about the changes to Drake Tax logins beginning in Drake16, see "Drake Tax Security Information" in Related Links below. 

Drake Software has switched from an EFIN based login to User Account logins for Drake Software websites. User accounts are set up and managed using the Support website

Admin User

To get started, an Administrator user account needs to be created with a unique username. Drake Software will then send an email message with a code to the email address on file. To complete the account setup, this code must be entered on the Support website in the verification code section. This two-step verification process will help to increase security for the online site to help prevent unauthorized access.

Other Users 

After the Admin account has been set up on the Support website, the administrator can create additional user accounts for each person needing access to Drake Software websites. Each user account must have a username and unique email account. These are entered by the admin user on the Support website. Afterwards, the user will receive an email with the steps needed to complete account setup. Each account will require a First name, Last name, unique email address, answers to three security questions, and a strong password

The admin user account has full access to all Drake Software sites. Other user access to Drake Software websites may be limited by the administrator. 

Forgotten Username or Password 

If a user forgets either their username or password, an account recovery option is available. 

Editing an account after set up

Once a unique username has been chosen, it cannot be changed. Other items such as first and last name, email address, phone number (optional), and security questions/answers may be edited at a later time by logging in to the Support website and selecting Account > User Info > Edit User Account. The password may be changed by going to the Support website and selecting Account > User Info > User Password

Strong Passwords

A "strong" password must include:

  • at least one upper case letter (A-Z),
  • at least one lowercase letter (a-z), 
  • at least one numeral (0-9), 
  • at least one special character (@, #, $, %, etc.)
  • at least 8, but not more than 64 characters.

Note: To change information like the E-File password for multi-site offices, login to the Support website using the master account and select the sub-office account that you want to edit.

For more information about the changes and process, watch the video Website Password Changes

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