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10671: Drake Tax - Software User's Manual


Where can I find the Drake Tax User's Manual and supplemental manuals? 

Drake Software User's Manuals in PDF format can be downloaded online, from the current year back to 2007. Log in to the Drake Support website. From the left side menu, select Support > Documents > Manuals. On the Drake Software Manuals page, select the appropriate tax year from the drop down list and then select the link 20YY Drake Tax User's Manual

You can save the manual to your computer by right clicking on the open PDF and selecting Save as. Save it to your desktop for easy access. You must have a PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, installed to view PDF files.

Manuals are also available:

  • On the installation disk you received, if you requested it, or if you purchased the CD service. They are located in the PDF/Manuals folder on the disk.
  • From within the software from the Help menu (select Support Manual & Online Resources). 

Supplemental Manuals 

Supplemental Manuals are available on the Drake Support Web Site for 706, 990, 1041, 1065, 1120, and 1120-S returns. Each manual includes an index to allow you to find information more easily. 

To view or download the manuals in PDF format, log in to the Drake Support website. From the left side menu, select Support > Documents > Manuals. On the Drake Software Manuals page, select the appropriate tax year from the drop down list and then select the desired manual supplement. 

Using the manual:

  • If opening the manual in your internet browser, 
    • Click on the sections in the Table of Contents to go directly to the desired topic. 
    • Use CTRL + F to search the manual for keywords. 
    • Go to the Index and look for a certain keyword. Each keyword has page numbers where those items may be found and you can click on the page number to be redirected to that section of the manual. 
  • If you have downloaded the manual to your computer, you can also use the bookmarks on the left to go directly to a section of the manual. 

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