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10813: Restoring an Archive

Archive Manager

How do I restore an archive?


To restore an existing archive, click the Documents button (Archive button in Drake16 and prior) on the View/Print Client Return screen. On the drop list, click Archive Manager to open the Archive Manager screen. (If you have not previously archived the return or selected it for transmission, you will get an information screen to that effect; click OK; there is nothing to restore.) In the example below, the return has already been archived twice and both archives appear on the Archive Manager screen. Click the archive file to select it and then click the Restore button.

Note:  When you select a return for transmission, Archive Manager automatically creates archive backup data files, but does not create a PDF file. Archive data files are not visible in Drake Documents (DDM). In the example above, archives are listed alphabetically.  When a return is selected for transmission, the software will automatically create an archive backup data file named 'Selected for Electronic Filing'.  This does not include a PDF copy of the return.   The archives called 'Original Return before Amending' and 'Amended Return' are manually created archives and will include a PDF copy of the return which is visible and can be opened in Drake Documents. 

Caution: Like any data file backup, if a software update after the backup was made affects calculated fields in the return, the restored return may differ from what was archived. This occurs because new, updated calculations made from the original data may produce different results. Print a PDF copy to Drake Documents to avoid this problem.

You are prompted to create a new archive before you proceed (since restoring overrides data in the open return). Click Yes to create a new archive and restore the old one, No only to restore the archive, and Cancel to return to the Archive Manager screen.

Follow the subsequent prompts, and confirmation of the completed action(s) will be displayed:

Deleting an archive:

From within a return's view mode, click the Documents button (Archive button in Drake16 and prior) and select Archive Manager from the drop menu. Select the archive you want to delete, and click the Delete icon. This deletes the client data files. Any PDF created with the archive remains available in DDM and can be deleted there.

Note: You must be logged into Drake Tax with admin privileges to access the Delete button within Archive Manager.

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