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12197: 1040 - Customizable Data Entry Fields

1040 Individual Data Entry

When I use a customized user defined field, the customized “Code” appears in the return, but the “Description” does not appear. How do I edit or set up new codes and descriptions? 


You are referring to Setup > Options > Administrative Options > Customized User Defined Data Entry Fields.

The Code is what appears in the return in data entry and view. The Setup Description provides an explanation of the Code that is visible on the Setup screen and in data entry on the drop list for the customized entry field. When you select a customized entry from the drop list selection, only the Code is displayed in the data entry field.

You can define and customize the following drop-down lists for Data entry: 

  • Name and Address Screen - Miscellaneous Codes 1-5
  • Bill Screen - Adjustment Descriptions 1-5
  • Bill Screen - Payment Descriptions 1-6
  • Bill Screen - Percentage Discount
  • Bill Screen - Percentage Increase


This allows you to make consistent selections for the miscellaneous codes and bill screen descriptions/percentages without having to manually type them each time. 

Watch the video Administrative Options Setup for a demonstration.

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